Monday, October 5, 2009

HST baby quilt finished

HST baby quilt

I've been super busy with work, so haven't had a chance to blog at all. I'm just coming up for air. I finished this over a week ago, and it is already off to its new owner. The quilt was really quick and easy--I just cut a bunch of 6 7/8 squares and then cut them in half. Arrange, and sew. Super easy and fun.

Here are some more pictures.

Back detail for baby quilt

Back detail.

Back overhead for baby quilt
Back--I just used strips left over from the front to piece the back.

Close up of HST baby quilt

Front detail close up.

It's another "not finding out" baby. Actually, for her first baby, I got my friend a maternity shirt that said "not finding out". She loved it and is excited to wear it again.

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  1. hi, i found you while browsing lavieenrosie. just wanted to say i love the colors on this quilt!