Monday, January 10, 2011

first finish of 2011

I actually finished this last Monday, but I haven't had time to take pictures.  This is a disappearing nine patch quilt made for a friend having a baby (aren't they all, right now?).  I like making gender neutral quilts, even when the sex of the baby is already known.  I think it is just fun, playful, and colorful.

disappearing nine patch

Here is the detail:
baby quilt detail

I wanted to have a little more than just a solid border, so I added a bunch of squares after having an inner border.

border detail

I really like the effect of continuing the quilt to the edge, yet calming it a bit with the inner border.
It feels good to check another one off the list! Not to mention it was fun as well.


  1. Just love your disappearing nine patch...the colors work so well.

  2. Love this! Love the outer border as well -- it makes that yellow float.