Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quick liberated baby quilt

When I got back from my trip, I had a nice package of solids awaiting me.
Pile of solids

Some are for the paintbox quilt, and others were just because I am trying to increase the number of solids in my stash.  I've been meaning to make a baby quilt for my friend B, but the paintbox quilt took over. Well, she had a lovely baby girl E on Friday, so I realized I had better get cracking! I was fiddling with some fabrics, thinking I would do a disappearing nine patch quilt, but I couldn't find enough fabrics to get excited about. The solids were calling my name! So I cut a bunch of 13" strips with varying sizes, each with a wide end and a narrow end (no measuring).  I sewed them all together and then squared up to 12.5".  The nine squares were done yesterday and then I sewed the top together at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

baby quilt top
You can't tell from the photo here, but the borders are a light gray and the light color in the quilt itself is actually a powder blue.  All are Kona solids.  I don't have the names with me at the moment, but you wouldn't want to make exactly the same quilt as me, would you? 

I came home and basted it and now I just need to quilt it.
basted baby quilt

It was super quick and easy.  I recommend you try it if you want to make something quick, easy, and modern for that baby shower that is next week. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hip 2 Bee Square--my month!

I am so glad that March is my month for the Hip 2 Bee Square bee.
I asked for a block (or blocks) that are any size, as long as they are rectangle or square. I wanted them to be in a Gee's Bend style. If you aren't familiar with Gee's Bend, go to Google Images and search for Gee's Bend.

Also, I asked that everyone add a piece of fabric from their scrap bin, or an old shirt, an old sheet, curtains, whatever. It doesn't matter if it is not cotton. I really wanted to get the feel of their quilts, which were made with whatever they had, not just nice quilter's cotton. 

It means now I get to sit back and relax and wait for my blocks to come in. Here are some lovely blocks from Keira and Debbie.  I really love how they've incorporated other fabrics into the block.
Hip 2 Bee Square blocks from Keira and Debbie

Keira said her muslin (in the housetop block) has traveled with her family and is at least 10 years old.  And Debbie added the beautiful blue corduroy to her blocks.  I really love hearing the stories of the fabric that goes into the blocks--it gives the whole quilt such a beautiful meaning.

It'll definitely be a challenge to get all the multi-size blocks to fit together, but I think it will also be a chance to bring coherence to the quilt. I'm thinking that if I use similar colored scraps to put all the blocks together it will make it "fit".  We'll see once I get all of the blocks back. I will probably be posting lots of different arrangements and asking for advice.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quilt a Long Blocks Finished!

Last weekend I went on a cutting craze to finish the paintbox blocks.  Here is the stack after all the cutting:

fabric ready

Then I finished them up Monday and Tuesday.

Some yellow ones:
Paintbox quilt a long yellows

Some turquoise ones:
Paintbox quilt a long turquoise

And finally, some green ones.

Paintbox quilt a long greens

I still haven't started laying them out, or deciding what color sashing to use. I know a lot of modern quilters like white backgrounds or white sashing, but I just can't bring myself to do it. White gets dingy too fast, even when you wash often.  I make all my quilts to be used, and I can't say that I am the most "clean" person. This is not to say that I am dirty, I just spill things a lot and am somewhat of a klutz. So anything white is basically screaming to get stained in my house. This is all being said when there are no kids in the house (I don't have children). If I did have children, I'd stay away from white even moreso.  I really don't understand how folks can make baby quilts that are white!  If the child loves your quilt, it will get snot, barf, mud, etc all over it and white just doesn't handle those so well.  Just my humble opinion, really. :)

I will look at some neutral linen, or possibly some beige or gray cottons.  I'm happy to hear suggestions if you think there is a color or brand I should use. What is your favorite neutral?

Not much quilting will happen in the next two weeks as I am leaving for Spain on Wednesday. Much food will be eaten but no quilting.  I'm just glad to have the blocks done before then.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fabulous fabric

I had an internal goal of not buying any fabric in February. I was good--I didn't! That doesn't mean I didn't get any though. I ordered some fabric in the fall from FabFanatic Fabrics, and didn't get it until this week.  It's lovely!

Meadowsweet fabric

I am also showing some other lovely fabric I got in January. I haven't touched it yet, but I am taking it out to think about what I might do with it. One of my goals this year was to work with more solids, so this fat quarter pack (which was on sale) is the perfect start.

Yummy solids

Who knows when I'll cut into them? I've got UFOs calling my name, and the Paintbox Quilt-a-long.  But I can look at them for now.  :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Live Piecefully 2 Block

I realize this is a little late, but as I mentioned before, it has been a crazy February (who decided to make it so short?).  Here is my block for Jessie.

February block for Live Piecefully 2

She asked for something that was simple vs. complex.  I made the little ladders and kept the lovely birds and plants in their natural habitat.  I ran out of fabric, so I had to add the teal as well as the melon-colored solid.  I hope she likes it!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting

Whew! I have been super busy. In February, I went on trips to Indianapolis, Knoxville, and Milwaukee. I'm just glad to be home again. I'm definitely counting down the days though, before my trip to Spain with my husband. We'll be taking cooking classes and sightseeing, but mostly just relaxing--which is exactly what we'll need by the time we get there!

Anyway, I apologize for my absence. I realize I never followed up on how our first Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting went. It was a good crowd. Everyone seemed excited about getting started, and we did a bit of brainstorming to discuss ideas and what we'd like to get out of the group. Kate took some pictures and you can see them here.

I'm hoping that as we have regular meetings, we'll get even more folks coming. It's great to find other people who have similar interests, and to meet them in person. I love reading blogs and looking at Flickr, but there is something really great about meeting people face to face.

If you don't live in the Chicago area, you can see if your town hosts a modern quilt guild here.

Happy Quilting!