Wednesday, September 16, 2009

finished zig zag quilt

I finished this quilt last weekend. I hadn't realized the baby is due October 3rd, and the shower was announced a week before it happened! The baby shower was on Sunday, so you betcha I was sewing the binding on the night before. I really like how it turned out. I did a basic zig zag outline, and then did some curvy lines in the border (also with the walking foot).
Quick shot of the back.

I tried to make it gender neutral (she doesn't know the baby's sex yet). I think it turned out "baby" without being too cutesy or too girl or boy. At the baby shower there was the standard oohing and aahing. People are always amazed at homemade goods. I like giving homemade goods, as I enjoy making them, and I put a lot of love into them.


  1. It's awesome! I love how colorful it is - perfect for a baby!

  2. I have a few colorful yardage which I have difficult envisioning put together. This would be a good idea.