Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sorry for the Absence....

Just wanted to apologize for my long absence.  Two things have prevented me from posting. 1) I lost the cord to upload pictures from my camera.  I kept looking, hoping it would turn up but now I am just going to order a new one.  2) I am pregnant (15 weeks) and there were quite a few weeks where I didn't feel like doing anything because the nausea was so bad.  I'm feeling better now and will be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly. 

I recently made a quilt as a quilt tester for Ebony, and I'm going to the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat next week with my mom, so I am sure lots of quilting will be done!  Once I can post pictures I should be back in business (until the baby comes, of course--then I might be a little busy for awhile).