Monday, November 30, 2009

Hip 2 Bee Square November

Hip 2 Bee Square Block "before"

Keira requested a disappearing nine patch block. She even sent us the squares already cut up! So it was pretty easy to put this together. Above is the "before".

Hip 2 Bee Square block November

And here is the after. Just under the wire though. I didn't get my fabric until two weeks ago, and I've been out of town, and under a pile of work at work, so my sewing machine has been neglected as of late. I whipped this up while DH was making dinner. To see what else I whipped up while he was making dinner, tune in on Wednesday for Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day. I'll be giving away something cute.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

progress on "out of line" quilt

A while back I posted a big pile of strips. There were over 100 of them, and now they make this lovely quilt. It is a gift for some family friends, but they don't know they're getting it yet. :)
"out of line" overhead
Obviously I still need to quilt it, but I'm so happy to be making progress! Here is a more close up shot.
Detail of "out of line" quilt

The pattern is called "Out of Line" and it is from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr's book The Quiltmaker's Color Workshop. I highly recommend it if you don't own it already.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"block party" quilt finished

I got my quilt back from the longarm quilter and finished the binding. It was a beautiful fall day on Sunday, so I took it outside to get some better lighting.
overhead of "block party" quilt

A detail shot.
Detail of "Block party" quilt

As I mentioned before, it is a gift for a family friend who is getting married.

I pieced the backing, to give it some extra interest.
backing of "Block party" quilt
I need to make an extra special label for it before I send it off. I hope they like it!

The pattern is called "Block Party" and I found it in an old magazine. It's by Jason Yenter, of In The Beginning Fabrics. It's pretty simple--similar to a "bento box" quilt in that you cut up the squares once you have finished them. But rather than no sashing, or sashing the outside of the block, you sash inside. I really like the "window" effect. The finished size is 67*79.5, so not a full bed size but a generous lap quilt--large enough for two newlyweds to snuggle up in (DH and I tested it to be sure). :)