Sunday, September 20, 2009

Next Baby quilt in Progress

I feel like everyone around me is pregnant, so here's another baby quilt I'm working on.

It's just a bunch of triangles in a variety of fabrics. Some "Red Letter Day" by Lizzie House, some other fabrics I don't really know the origin of, and then various Kona cottons.

It is for my friend whose son is shown here sleeping under the quilt I made him.
I feel like the second (or third or fourth) child often "gets the shaft" so to speak in terms of toys and special items just for them. So I want to make sure that baby #2 gets a quilt just as nice as the first one.

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  1. Aw how sweet of you! I agree, baby#2 should receive a new quilt just like #1 did... I'm a second child and sometimes felt like I got the shaft ;-) Beautiful layout too!