Monday, November 22, 2010

not Pringles....

At the last meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, we had a lovely day of just sewing! It was super fun and there were lots of snacks and goodies, as it was our last meeting of the year and sort of our "holiday party". Lots of people came by my table to see what I was up to.  They saw the piles of yellow circles from my previous post and thought that the heat n'bond circles were Pringles. They soon figured out what I was doing.  I took off the backing from each of 180 circles, and stuck it to a yellow circle. Then I ironed them all down to the background.  I added some sashing and I have a quilt!

I'm working on quilting it now and it is coming together REALLY well.  I am really loving it, even though I don't normally make up my own pattern, or use grey, or use yellow.  There will be more to see when I finish!

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