Saturday, June 13, 2009

A quilt thank you

One of my requirements for all baby quilts I make is that the recipient must take a picture of the quilt "in action", meaning the baby must be on the quilt. I like to make sure my quilts are being used. So I got this picture today of baby Wes.It was part of a whole bunch of pictures of baby Wes, naked, on the quilt. Which I think is awesome and adorable but maybe not totally appropriate for posting on the internet. Who knows, maybe he'll want to run for office some day.

I also had a wonderful day with my friend and her son at the zoo. He is now 16 months, so he knows the animal sounds. I made a quilt for him when he was born, and she told me today that it is still hanging on the wall! I usually do not approve, as I feel strongly that quilts are meant to be used. But I was heartened when she said that the quilt was on the wall behind the rocking chair, so he was always looking at it. I guess one day he started naming all the objects he saw on the quilt (ball, baby, train, etc). So he seems to enjoy looking at it at least!
Here is the detail:

Here is the overhead:

I made this in Fall of 2007. The pattern is called P.S. I Love You. I guess my friend is afraid of her baby having an "accident" on the quilt. I fully expect babies to do all sorts of things to my quilts--that is why I rarely make them white!!! :) But really, I want them to be loved and if that means that there is some drool, snot, and other stuff that needs to be washed out from time to time, that is ok by me.

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