Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's "Goals" 2009--A Year in Review

I don't like to have New Year's Resolutions. Call me lazy--I just feel like it is too restrictive to say a resolution. I do have goals, though, which means that I am working towards them regularly, and they are achievable. For 2009, I had a few quilt-related goals. I didn't have a blog at the time, so I didn't share them then. But here they are, along with how I did:

1. Finish ten quilts
I finished 16! Even I am surprised at this. Granted, a few of those were tops that just needed to be quilted, but I've got a few tops that need to be quilted now, so it all rolls over I guess. While not a goal for me originally, I am very proud that I made more quilts with triangles--I have mostly shied away from anything but squares and rectangles.

2. Give away at least 2 charity quilts
I am disappointed to say I did not meet this goal. I have one waiting to be given away but I didn't give it away, nor did I make a second one. I did partake in a group project, making two quilts for Quilts of Valor. I don't think that totally counts, although it is in the same spirit.

3. Make an x-blocks quilt
I made a baby quilt using the x-blocks template. Picture is here.

4. Make an improvisational quilt
I made two of these. See them here and here.

5. Practice free-motion quilting
Boy, did I do this!!! I quilted all the quilts I made this year, except for one. So one could say that I got lots of practice.

6. A quilt with curves
I started one yesterday, and made a bunch of half-circles. I'll post a picture soon. So it's on its way but I can't say that I made a quilt with curves until it is done. So I sort of met this goal.

7. A quilt from the Modern Quilt Workshop book
I sort of completed this one. I actually made a quilt from a pattern in The Quiltmaker's Color Workshop, written by the same people, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. So I think it counts. And since it is my own goal list, I get to say what counts. :) Also, the half-circles I started yesterday are from that book, so I'm on my way.

8. No quilt pattern repeats
I didn't start any quilts this year that were a repeat pattern of a quilt I've made before. In my "quilts completed 2009" you'll see "bundle of joy" and "pink rail fence". Those are patterns I've made before, but as the tops were finished in 2008, they were started before I made that goal.

I think in general, I did pretty well! So what are my goals for 2010? Tune in tomorrow for that one.

How about you? Did you have goals for 2009? How did you do?

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