Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fabric Favorites 2009

true up favorite fabrics 2009 banner

Kim at TrueUp has posted a Favorite Fabrics question. She wants to know the favorites of 2009. She has a bunch of categories, but we only need to list 10. So here's my 10:

- Favorite Quilting Weight Cotton Collection

Image copyright Freespirit 2009

Deer Valley by Joel Dewberry. I can't really explain why--I love the colorways, love the mixture of organic and architectural elements. Very different from what is out there in general.

- Favorite Home Decor Weight Fabric or Collection
I'm voting for Alexander Henry Fashion for Home Birdsong.

- Favorite Under the Radar/Sleeper Collection
Pillow and Maxfield: Whimsy. I love this! I haven't really seen any buzz on it, or been able to find it many places, but it is gorgeous. I especially love that deep blue.

image copyright Pillow & Maxfield 2009

- Favorite Handprinted Fabric
Ok, I know everyone is going to say this, but Aunty Cookie is amazing. I love this one here, with the red cog/snowflake things. Awesome.

- Favorite New Designer
I also know everyone is going to say this, but Laura Gunn. Lantern Bloom is just gorgeous. I love how she has taken paintings and turned them to a design on fabric.

- Favorite Novelty Print
I really love this print from Cosmo Cricket's Snorkel collection. Just too cute! I didn't realize I love whales so much.

image copyright Cosmo Cricket 2009

- Favorite Print from Japan
I think this one with the whale from Lecien is adorable!

image copyright Lecien 2009

- Favorite Organic Print
Near Sea Naturals: Eyes of the World. I love the jewel tones. I feel like most organic cotton I see is pretty plain and there aren't a ton of deep, rich colors like this one.

image copyright NearSea Naturals 2009

- Favorite Juvenile Print: Boys
I love David Walker's "Oh Boy!" collection. So my favorite print within it would be this one. You can see more here.
image copyright David Walker 2009

- Favorite New Fabric You Worked With in 2009
I had never really worked with upholstery weight fabric before, so I really enjoyed that. It means that I don't really need interfacing for the purses/handbags I make.

I can't wait to see what others put as their favorites!


  1. ooo, I love that Whimsy fabric. I have some of the brown colorway already cut for a quilt.

  2. I love the "Oh Boy" range by David Walker. I also love Cosmo Cricket, although I have only just seen "Snorkel" very recently - it's very cute!