Sunday, May 16, 2010

ICE at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild

YAY! Today is our monthly meeting at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.  We have a color workshop by Ebony, and the beginning of our ICE challenge.  I think it stands for "Inspiration Challenge Event" so it probably doesn't need the "Challenge" at the end.  That's me and my redundancy meter going off!

So the idea with the ICE is that we make a block with four fat quarters.  We include the block and the leftover fabric in a bag.  At the meeting, anyone who brings a back gets to take a bag home (from another person).  Then in July we bring back the mini quilt we made with the block and the extra fabric.  I'm excited to see what people come up with!

Here is the block I made.  I used the tutorial at Modify Tradition.  Of course, I didn't follow directions and cut my blocks too small--so I ended up cutting all the blocks to fit.  It seems ok now but those triangles are going to get lopped off.  Oh well-I am not trying to win any prizes here.  Speaking of prizes....come back tomorrow for Giveaway Day!

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  1. I never follow directions, either! I'll have to send you a picture of the blanket I made that ended up being such a headache. Nice blog... see you soon!