Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why I don't mind traveling for work all the time

This has been a big travel month at work.  This week I was in New York, next week I'll be in Baton Rouge, and the following week in Arlington, Texas.  Certainly I have to deal with all sorts of travel delays, airport food, etc.  But there are a few perks (besides the frequent flier miles).  I get to visit my friends in other cities who I probably wouldn't see as often.  And sometimes, I get to stop by an awesome fabric shop.  I've always drooled over the fabric at PurlSoho.  They just moved to a new space, and I got to check it out.  It is gorgeous--very light and spacious.  And the fabric was so lovely!  I held back, and only came home with this:
The blue on the bottom is Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Voile.  The teal dots and the purple print are Echino, and I am not sure what the little fat quarters are--I think the purple is a shot cotton, because it's got a cross-weave of another color.  No plan for them all, they just looked too yummy to pass up!

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  1. Ohh lucky you to get to PurlSoho! I have been trying to expand those pictures of the new shop as big as possible to really revel in their fabric shelves! I am lame I know!