Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick baby quilt...more process discussion

While I have not taken the "Process Pledge" per se, I feel like it is good to see how people come up with what they are doing.  I had some cute David Walker "Oh Boy!" fabric, and I knew I wanted to make a baby quilt for my friends who are expecting in September.  The fabric was so cute I didn't want to cut up the large-scale fabric, so I got out my notebook and designed a simple quilt.  I am sure there are patterns out there for this quilt--I just made it up based on some basic measurements.

I knew I wanted 2.5" squares (2" finished) so I figured out that if I put four together, I would get a side of a square that is 8.5".  So I cut my large squares 8.5x8.5, and cut a bunch of 2.5" strips.

Then I combined the strips together (length-wise) and cross-cut them into 2.5" pairs.  Then I mixed them all up and laid them out, like this:

As you can see, because I was using pairs I ended up needing "singles" on the ends.  I played around with the arrangement a little to make sure that there was some diversity--no pairs of the same color next to each other.   I sewed each row together and then sewed all the rows together, and I have a completed top!

Now I just need to figure out what to use for backing.  In general, it came together very quickly.  Feel free to email me if you would like to make a similar quilt and have questions about the measurements or anything.


  1. I love the quilt, it is such a happy looking quilt. My niece is having a baby in Nov. and I am looking for something easy and fun.

  2. super cute. Love the colors and the solids really pop it.