Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals 2011 recap

So how did I do?
1. Conquer my fear of zippers
I think I did pretty well on this one! I made a few wetbags for cloth diapers and the zippers really weren't so scary. They aren't perfect, but hey, I was making a bag to store dirty diapers--the beauty of the zipper is not so important as long as it keeps in the mess and stink.

2. More projects, less quilts
I think I did really well with this one! I made seven bags--two small tote bags, three wetbags, a diaper bag for myself and one for Dad. Oh, and a table runner as well.

3.  Make at least one project involving handwork.  
I have to admit I failed at this one. I didn't make anything with handwork this year! The more reason to add it to my list again, right?

4. Use more of my scraps.
Alas, also a failure! I've got a list of different projects that use scraps, though, so that will come in handy as I work on it this year.

5. Finish 8 quilts.
Yikes. I only finished 5. However, as I mentioned before, I have three quilted tops as well as two unquilted tops finished. So overall not bad!

6. Make a "seasonal" quilt.
I am not sure if I intentionally did this or not. I completed a forest looking quilt (which I will blog shortly, I promise!). It evokes fall but I didn't set out to make it as a fall quilt. I'll count it though.

How about you? Did you meet your goals for 2011 (quilting related or otherwise)?

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  1. I like how specific your goals are. My generic one was to step out of my safe zones. And I know I kind of sort of did, but you are inspiring me to set some specific goals!