Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goals 2012

Now that I reviewed how I did in 2011, what are my goals for 2012? Well, they are a lot like 2011, that is for sure.  Overall I'd like to expand my sewing skills.

1. Make a piece of clothing for myself, and one for my daughter
Along the lines of expanding my skills and doing more "projects", I'd like to make myself a skirt and maybe something cute for my daughter. I think that the techniques involved in making clothes have always scared me a little (lots of curves! darts! pleats! zippers! smocking!), so working on clothes will be a good start to expanding those skills.

2.  Make at least one project involving handwork.  
It was on my list last year and I'd really like to get it done this year.  I may sign up for an embroidery class, or if there is some book or tutorial that folks recommend, I am interested in trying it. Give me your best links!

3. Use more of my scraps.
Added to the list again this year because I failed so miserably last year! I think string quilts are in my future, or at least a few string-based projects.

4. Make 7 8 quilts.
I know, the number keeps going down!  But I have two finished tops, three that just need binding, and then I can easily come up with two more after that. Ok I'll make it 8 again.  Ha ha.

5. Finally make a tree skirt.
I have been secretly wanting to do this for a LONG time, so I really need to get on it. Every year I put up the Christmas tree I think how naked it looks with no skirt. I'll really do it this year!!

What about you? What are your goals for 2012?

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  1. Great goals! I have some of the same, to use up more scraps, to make more quilts (I'm being conservative, maybe 4), and to sew a dress for myself and one for my daughter this spring.

    Did you see that Scrap Nation quilt book? Great ideas for using up scraps - and I'll try to remember to bring it to the next CMQG meeting!