Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring to Finish

Inspired by Jacquie's "Spring to Finish" challenge, I have pulled out my box of UFOs and decided to tackle one. Isn't it amazing how you put things off so long, and then when you get back to them, you realize that they weren't so hard after all? I had started the Long Lines pattern from Maple Island Quilts long ago and never finished it. It's a small quilt (31.5"x 43"), but I like the pattern a lot. So I pulled out my blocks--I only had to make another 8. I put them together, added borders, and the top is done!

It feels so good to be making progress. Not sure what I'll do with this quilt. I picked out the fabrics two years ago and I'm not sure I like them anymore. I love the blue--in fact, my sister made me a cute purse and matching coin purse with the fabric. But I am not crazy about the yellow/gold. I'm sure I'll find something/someone who likes it and would be happy to have it.

I read somewhere that long-time UFOs drag you down, and I really believe it. Every time I look at the pile I get discouraged. So it's time to start finishing some of those long-term ones. Anything started in 2009 doesn't count, as it hasn't been unfinished long enough. :) But my goal is that anything started pre-2009 will be done by this summer, and the end of the year at the latest. That means finishing those quilt tops that sit in a pile--including this one!

I can't believe I forgot to mention--thank you to everyone who has commented on my quilt festival entry! I really appreciate all the kind words. Thanks!

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