Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paintbox Quilt a Long blocks week 6

I had Monday off for the President's day holiday, so I went a little crazy with the catch up for the Paintbox blocks.  Elizabeth is on week 6, which means I should have 48 blocks.  I knew that I'd be busy this week and next, so I made an extra week's worth (in addition to just catching up to the 6th week).  So here are some pictures of the various blocks I finished this week.

Paintbox quilt along blocks--reds
I really like these pink/red ones.

Paintbox quilt along blocks--grey

I really love the grey on the far right. It's hard to see here, but the print used is this gorgeous geometric print that has a lot of blue-greys in it.  I really like the combo and might end up doing more quilts with that color in it.

Paintbox quilt along blocks--purples
Some purple blocks. 
I got my husband a new camera for Valentine's day, so I am trying out all the different settings.  I think they are better than before but it's still a work in progress.

Paintbox quilt along blocks--blues

And some blue ones. I realize that people are getting up close and personal with my floor a lot. I really wish I had a design wall I could use, or lay out a sheet, but if you saw my apartment, you would understand!

That being said, I've realized that you do not need lots of space and design walls to create great work. Paula Nadelstern, whose amazing solo show I saw at the American Folk Art Museum, did all her work at her kitchen table in Brooklyn! Of course, it wouldn't hurt, but if someone can do what she did, then certainly I can't complain too much.

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  1. I saw that show too! I'm jealous of all of your progress on these blocks i still have yet to cut many of my 10" squares