Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas tree ornaments

I admit I am pretty addicted to Pinterest, but I feel like it has been really good for me, actually. Instead of having bookmarks all over the place and trying to remember what they are, my Pinterest board helps me keep the link and a photo to jog my memory. I've even got an entire board of recipes that I've tried from Pinterest. Basically I try to put things into action rather than just pinning like crazy.

One of the ideas I found on Pinterest was this lovely tutorial for fabric ornaments from V and Co. It was lots of fun and is a great way to use up those fabulous fat quarters you have been hoarding but weren't sure what to do with.

I decided to do all of mine with Japanese fabrics that had some sort of metallic thread in them. This makes them a little more "fancy" and the metallic shines nicely next to the Christmas tree lights. I really love how they all turned out!

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