Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals 2013

As seen in my goals review for 2012, I did alright but there are still things I'd like to accomplish.  I have to say, the process of setting goals at the beginning of the year is a very helpful one for me. It helps me to focus when I know I want to sew or make something, but don't know what. Once I get into the actual doing of it, I find it hard to stop. With that, I have some different goals this year:

1. Spend at least two hours average per week doing something sewing related. Looking at Pinterest and blogs does not count! By this I mean things like: designing quilts, cutting fabric, washing fabrics, ironing fabric, sewing, basting, quilting, etc. Honestly I think this is the key for me to growing as a sewist and reaching my goals. I don't spend enough time doing sewing related things, so it's no surprise that sewing doesn't happen. This can definitely be hard because of my work travel schedule, but I figure there will be weeks where I spend much more than two hours on sewing and quilting, so it will all average out.

2. Make a piece of clothing for myself (finally). I should probably pick out the exact piece of clothing to increase the likelihood that I will actually complete it. I'm thinking some sort of skirt. If you have a favorite skirt pattern, please comment below with a link!

3. Make at least one pillow with each of the below enclosures:
Can you believe I've never actually made a pillow cover? I have various orphan blocks that would make great pillows but for some reason I've never actually made it to turning them into a pillow.

4. Make a bed quilt. My husband and I have a lovely down comforter, but it would be nice to have our own bed quilt instead. Maybe in time for our 5th anniversary (in August)? In addition, we're moving to Austin, TX in July, so we may not really need a big down comforter anymore.

5. Put together my bee quilt. I have some lovely blocks made by fellow bee members in the Hip 2 Bee Square bee, but I have yet to put them together. I think it would look great, I just have been tripped up by the lack of a design wall in my house, which would make the layout process much easier.

6. Give away at least one charity quilt. I have some quilts in mind already, and as I mentioned, I'll be moving in July, so it might be a good time to clear out the closets a bit.

7. Actually post about my sewing and quilting in a reasonable time frame!

Just to fill you in a bit--as I mentioned, I'll be moving to Austin in July. My husband will be a professor at UT Austin, and we're thrilled for him to take this next step in his career. I'm sad to have to leave my lovely friends at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, but I know that Austin has a great arts scene and has its own modern quilt guild there. It should be an exciting adventure.

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