Monday, March 15, 2010

Hip 2 Bee Square--my month!

I am so glad that March is my month for the Hip 2 Bee Square bee.
I asked for a block (or blocks) that are any size, as long as they are rectangle or square. I wanted them to be in a Gee's Bend style. If you aren't familiar with Gee's Bend, go to Google Images and search for Gee's Bend.

Also, I asked that everyone add a piece of fabric from their scrap bin, or an old shirt, an old sheet, curtains, whatever. It doesn't matter if it is not cotton. I really wanted to get the feel of their quilts, which were made with whatever they had, not just nice quilter's cotton. 

It means now I get to sit back and relax and wait for my blocks to come in. Here are some lovely blocks from Keira and Debbie.  I really love how they've incorporated other fabrics into the block.
Hip 2 Bee Square blocks from Keira and Debbie

Keira said her muslin (in the housetop block) has traveled with her family and is at least 10 years old.  And Debbie added the beautiful blue corduroy to her blocks.  I really love hearing the stories of the fabric that goes into the blocks--it gives the whole quilt such a beautiful meaning.

It'll definitely be a challenge to get all the multi-size blocks to fit together, but I think it will also be a chance to bring coherence to the quilt. I'm thinking that if I use similar colored scraps to put all the blocks together it will make it "fit".  We'll see once I get all of the blocks back. I will probably be posting lots of different arrangements and asking for advice.

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