Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

We had a really fun meeting today.  Angela led a fun workshop where we each made our own "ticker tape" quilts.  Everyone brought in a pile of scraps and boy, did we have a lot of scraps!!  It was really fun to see what everyone chose as their background colors, and then how they laid out scraps, or chose different color schemes.  I went with the "I'll choose what I like" scheme.

After I put it together, it reminded me of Freddie Moran's motto: "more is more".  I can't say that all the fabrics go together or complement each other, but in a weird way, it works.  I like it! Now I need to actually do the quilting, and do it by the next meeting on May 16th. I also have to prepare my block for our challenge.  I better get back to work, as I've got a couple quilting bee blocks to take care of too.

Quick note: I went to the International Quilt Show Chicago yesterday and it was fabulous!!! I'll be spreading out my posts over the next week or so because there is so much to say!

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  1. I loved your more -is- more approach! It came together so quickly but looks like it took hours to get 'just right'. Can't wait to see it quilted.