Monday, April 19, 2010

Quilt Show Part 1: What I Came Home With

Everyone knows that quilt shows are great for inspiration. There are so many amazing quilts and ideas swirling, you can't help but come home wanting to make something.   But fully half the size of the show area is all the booths for shopping! I spent quite a while there (believe me, it was a mob scene, and pretty overwhelming).  I ended up being not too bad.
A bunch of pre-cut yardage just because. 

A new sewing foot! It is called the "Curve Master" and it is meant to help you do curves in your quilts with NO pins. As soon as I saw the demo, I immediately knew I had to have it! I will report back once I've tested it out a bit.

A jelly roll called "Silk Road". Lots of Asian-themed fabrics.  I am not usually a jelly roll kind of girl, but if I didn't buy this I would have spent WAY more on all the yardage I wanted in these fabrics.

Two fat quarter packs. One is Tula Pink's Nest (the green one on the bottom) and the top one is Califon.  Again, not usually a fat quarter kind of girl, but they were just calling my name.

Finally, some Shweshwe fabric from South Africa.  These fabrics are really gorgeous in person.  

They only come in three colors, and they use a resist process that includes copper presses from the 1850s.  I was quite excited to learn that the factory where they are made employs lots of local people, buys cotton locally, and the employees own 45% of the factory.  I try to be socially conscious in my purchases in other realms, but I am not always so good when it comes to fabric.  I was thrilled to hear that this fabric I love is socially responsible too. Here is more information about the fabric and the process.

Look for more posts about the actual quilts I saw at the show!

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